Case studies are powerful sales tools because they’re true tales of how your product or service helped a real customer.

You’ve already invested time in your research and interviews to capture your success stories, but don’t stop there.

These days, people crave snackable content that’s quick and easy to digest. Why not repurpose the best quotes from your case studies into juicy morsels of marketing copy?

Make the most of your case studies and customer success stories by repackaging them in the following types of content:

  • Website copy: Highlight your best quotes from customer case studies to add some pizzazz to your company website. Include them in bold graphics at the top of a page or off to the side as a pull quote. These quotes act as design elements and also lend more credibility to what your company has to offer.
  • Landing pages: Just like you might sprinkle an occasional quote from a case study on one of your company web pages, including a customer case study quote on a landing page can pack more punch. For visual impact and to add a personal touch, feature a photo of your customer beside the quote.
  • Video clips: Some companies are using video to tell customer stories. While you don’t have to include the entire story on video, you can also capture a few short sound bites on video to accompany a case study that’s posted on your website. Upload your video to your company’s YouTube account to attract viewers from a wider audience.
  • Blog posts: Many businesses struggle with consistently coming up with blog post ideas. You don’t want to sound like a blowhard, but what other ways can you write about your business in a non-salesy way? Retell your customer stories in individual blog posts by sharing how your company helped them overcome a challenge, then push it further by offering other possible solutions that can appeal to your readers. Point them to other helpful articles, blog posts and resources on your website.
  • Direct mail: Direct mail can make a big impact in converting sales and one of the most effective ways to use them is to include success stories. Weave your most compelling, emotional stories into your direct mail pieces to get prospects’ attention and convince them to buy. Make it more interactive by including a link to the complete case study or a video clip to continue the story.
  • Email marketing: When coming up with topics for your company e-newsletters, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you have plenty of intriguing content in your case studies. Recycle bits and pieces of your case studies, as well as other relevant content you’ve already created, and rewrite it for your email subscribers. Stories are not only engaging to read, they’re also more memorable, which can improve your conversation rates.
  • Social media: Storytelling can help your company stand out and connect with your audience on social media. Use social media to spotlight your customers by sharing local stories, community events and even snippets from your customer case studies.

    Storytelling makes your business relatable. When your marketing copy touches on their emotions, you can more easily get your message across.

    Incorporate storytelling in every piece of marketing and you’ll start to see some amazing results.

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