A wonderful writer with many great ideas. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a professional, enthusiastic writer.

Jennifer Sellers, former managing editor, HomeFurnishings.com

Freelance Writer, Case Study Writer and Storyteller

Everyone loves a good story. What’s yours?

When marketing to customers, your copy should not only captivate and connect on a personal level, it should leave them wanting more. Tell your story in words your customers can intimately engage with. 
I’ll deliver targeted content that connects and makes your brand memorable.

How great copy will benefit you:

  • give your customers a reason to come back to you again and again
  • boost your status as an authority in your area of expertise
  • drive traffic and new customers to your website
  • keep you connected and in tune with your audience

Case Studies

At the heart of every story is a relatable main character and an irresistible plot line. In a customer case study, this is the the captivating story of how your product or service helped this real, live person achieve a successful outcome.

We all want to hear someone else’s experience before we’ll even consider trying a new product or service. But if you’re only arming your sales team with spec sheets droning on about features, there’s a huge missing link: the human element. Use case studies to touch on your prospects’ pain points and answer their questions with ease.

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